Exclusive Report and Pics from ItaCon…:)

8 06 2010

The lovely Chiara sent us a report and lots of Pics to share with all of you..:) Thanks Chiara…:)

Read here what she has to say:

Twilight ItaCon – Rome, 29/31 May 2010


I was waiting for these days from countless time.

I bought a Diamond Pass, so I was allowed to all extra events of the convention.

My first photo-op was with my favorite one guest, Alex, but in the afternoon was Daniel’s time.

I was so embarrassed (yeah, I admit it, I was embarrassed for most of the time), my English say goodbye, and I was in front of this huge and beautiful man. I am really short (1,50 m) so, I asked if it was possible Dan hold me on arms…In first moment Daniel ask me to hold him, it was a hilarious scene :D, he also liked my “Got Muffins?” t-shirt.

Then first talk with all guests, as a “open ceremony”. Dan and other guys were so nice and down to earth.

In the evening we had Welcome cocktail, were each actor, in turn, went to our tables to chat a little bit.

On Sunday we had some talks in rotation and it was the moment for my autograph, there were few people in line, so I could chat with Dan & Gil. Of course I was very thrilled, so Dan tried to make me comfortable, so sweet! And wrote me a funny dedication on my Eclipse book and we spoke about my age (lol). His Sunday talk was with Gil, who, at the end, played some music for us, trying to drag Dan in.

In the evening it was Twilight Ball time: Dan, Alex and Justin had to pick up a name from “extracting” box.

One of my friend said to me “I really hope to see Chiara dancing with Dan”, it should be most hilarious scene we’ve seen! But Dan extracted my friend Lorenza name, and I was picked up from Justin. WHAT AN EVENING, GIRLS!

Last day was coming, it was the moment of Charity Brunch, I won the auction being at the same with Alex and Justin, but a couple of friends were with Dan, and they told me he was impressed about my age, he still did not believe I am nearly 27 years old!

Last talk was my favorite couple: Dan&Alex, funny time speaking about singing and embarrassing moments of their life.

Unluckily when you feel better, time passes quickly and we had to say goodbye.

I was really impressed about this convention, we always had sweet and funny moments. Dan, Alex, Justin, BooBoo and Gil are true gentlemen and sooooo down to earth, I could not expect a better convention than this!

This is what Daniel wrote in Chiaras Book:





5 responses

8 06 2010

Thank you! ❤

8 06 2010

Awesome Chiara! ❤ I am so jealous! Yay!

8 06 2010

thanks again chiara..:) i couldnt say it more often..:)

8 06 2010

I was there and his face when he turned to Gil to ask “how old do you think she was?” was priceless XD He really thought she was seventeen (well I did too! Chiara looks sooooo young! Lucky girl ^^)
I just can say that he is an amazing guy: patient, kind, with a great sense of humor and really sweet to anyone who was there 🙂

9 06 2010

@ Lisa: ❤
@B. : 😉

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