Exclusive Fan-Report from the Vampire-Baseball…

30 03 2010

The lovely Penny was kind enough, to write about her experience at the “Vampire-Baseball”-Game in New Orleans…:)
Read what she has to say:

            My family and I got to Zephry Feild at 12:15 expecting to have an amazingly fun day and see some of the cast from New Moon. They did not disappoint, because right after we got in our seats Daniel Cudmore and Chaske Spencer came right over to our area and tooks pictures with my children and signed autographes. Daniel signed a picture of himself as Colossus for my son which now sits framed on his entertainment center, and Chaske signed my daughters shirt and her Comic Con trading card, both of which will be put in a frame and hung on the wall. That was just the beginning of an extroidinary day.While we sat in our seats cheering on our favorites, they truly made the day exciting.From having water balloon fights,to steeling the actual bases,tackling each other and pitching footballs, they made the  game fun to watch.We also, had the pleasure of meeting Nelson Ellis from True Blood,Sam Medina,Johnny Rock,Matthew Madden, all who were super nice and gave us their autographs. 

           After watching the game, we went to get in line to get more pictures and autographs with the celebrities. We first went to see Chaske and Alex, both of which were very nice and at that time it was Alex that got to sign a picture and my daughters shirt. They took pictures with the kids because this day was all about them, and the kids left the room excited and looking forward to meet Tyson Houseman as  we headed to his room.To be able to meet three members of the wolfpack made our day. Daniel’s room was next and this was a great experience to be able to talk to him and take more pictures. Daniel as Colossus in X-Men is one of our favorite super hereos and to get to meet him in person made our day.   Daniel is one of the nicest people we’ve ever met. He took his time taking pictures with the kids and my husband and talked to us for a few minutes afterwards.Then to top it all off being a New Orleans Saints fan my husband and son got to take a picture with Garrett  Hartley and get some of their superbowl memorabilia signed. We left Vampire Baseball having had the time of our lives. I truly look forward to seeing the cast from New Moon  this summer in Boston.

Sadly, i dont have Pics from Penny, BUT here you can see Daniel at the Game with the lovely Rachel and her friends:



(c) Text: Penny

(c) Pics: Rachel




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