Fan-Report from the “New Moon”- Midnight Release Party in Houston with Daniel…

25 03 2010

The lovely Yvonne was kind enough to write an article about the “New Moon”-Release Party in Houston, TX on Friday…:) Thanks Yvonne..:)

There are also some Pics added to the report..:)

Read what she has to say..:

After spending the day trying to figure out which Borders to head to I missed the major announcement that afternoon confirming the Kirby store as I was on my way home from work.  I had already decided to go to the Kirby store as a manager from another store had told me it would be the Kirby but as of 3:30 pm the Kirby store employees could “confirm” anything.

My daughters and I arrived just after 10:00 pm and much to our surprise found a parking spot fairly easily.  I must admit I didn’t know much about Daniel until that day when I studied up and decided to join his Facebook Fan page and found his Twitter page and a few fan sites devoted to him.  Right here and now I have to say he did not disappoint me in fact I was very impressed at his graciousness towards the fans both young and old.  Anyway, we were greeted by store employees as we entered and were given a bracelet to purchase the DVD and a ballot to vote on the New Moon Movie Awards and were informed that with the purchase of the DVD or the manga style book you could get one of those $20.00 New Moon T-Shirts for just $5.00 – What a deal!  It was an added surprise to hear Daniel was signing the DVDs.  We went upstairs to find a small group of fans waiting around a table set up by the HOT 95.7 Radio Station and the DJs were warming up the crowd and started the countdown.  What a nice change from the other two times when Twilight Saga cast people came to town which required getting up at 3:00 am to stand in line in a cold parking garage for hours just to secure autograph line tickets then giving up my ticket to my daughter’s friend in order to go stand in front of an empty stage to secure a good viewing spot for my daughter for the Q&A session way on the other side of the Mall.  Wow, I was actually going to get to ask a question if I so desired.  Okay, I’m rambling now – back to my story. 

The event started with a Twilight question game featuring quotes from the movies, scene descriptions etc.  The votes were tallied on the Twilight/New Moon Awards – All I remember is that one of the shirtless Jacob scenes won for Best Movie Scene.  There were prizes for all.  Everyone received a New Moon slap bracelet and pen.  The exclusive prizes included movie posters signed by the cast, magnet sets, t-shirts, jewelry etc.  Names were called from the ballot sheets to take part in one of those LAST MAN (or Woman..) Standing question games until the BIG MOMENT arrived.   Wohoooooo at about 11:30 pm it was finally time for Daniel to make his grand entrance. – My gosh is he ever tall even with a crowd everyone could see him as he made his way over to the table.  Daniel answered a lot of the questions submitted by the fans ranging from movie trivia to what he did that day it was for the most part a pretty relaxed setting and everyone behaved.  He talked about the elevator scene and laughed when he talked about how elevators can be awkward then said “it’s like someone hits a mute button when you get on.”  He also said he liked playing a bad guy and how it would not have been good to have hurt Robert during the fight scene.  Oh yes, Daniel revealed his favorite move is “Spaceballs.”  I was in awe so I don’t remember a lot of what was said old age maybe – Ha!  I do remember Daniel talking about a bar-b-que meal he had at Pappas Bar-B-Que (FYI – excellent food) I saw that Daniel was so impressed he even posted a photo of his food on the net. 


We were allowed to take all the photos we wanted and even video tape the Q&A but alas we were not allowed to pose with Daniel.  The Q&A was cut off just before midnight so we could all make our way back downstairs to purchase the DVDs.  I thought our time with Daniel was over but it wasn’t he also went downstairs and stood in a roped off area with a Borders back drop right near the checkout area.  A few lucky fans got to pose with Daniel before security informed him we were not supposed to get too close to the rope but we could talk to him as long  as we stood a few steps back – (Remember fans bite if we get too close to anyone ;o).  He almost looked like he was in time out behind the rope.  It was kind of funny as fans would go stand in front of the rope and Daniel would be in the background clowning for the camera.  He answered more questions and mainly fidgeted – I’m guessing he felt a bit awkward just standing there.  I couldn’t resist I just had to ask about the Ultra-skinny jeans he mentioned on one of his tweets.  At first he didn’t quite know what I was talking about until I mentioned his Twitter page.  He laughed and said, “They just didn’t’ work, instead of black Levi’s it was more like black paint on my legs.” At one point one lady asked him if it was “legal” for her to hold up her camera and take a picture of herself with him behind her so he came up pretty close and played a sort of “Peep-a-boo” game with her.


I took pictures until it was my turn to pay for our goodies and we then said goodbye to Daniel as we headed to checkout.  Well, that is about it in a nutshell for this Twilight Saga Adventure.  Next stop on the Twilight Train for my family is the Twilight Convention here in Houston on April 9-11 sniff, sniff no Daniel though.

(c) by Yvonne




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