New Moon Midnight Release Party in Houston with Daniel…

19 03 2010

Daniel will be attending the Midnight Release Party of “New Moon” in Houston.

Its today, March 19th 2010 at Borders in Houston, TX!

For more infos check this page: Eventful




4 responses

19 03 2010

Which Borders – we have several??????

21 03 2010

oh i just saw the comment….i thought the link i have posted helped, cause it said its at “borders kirby”….and it was there…
i hope you found it…have you been there?

22 03 2010

Yup, I went to the party with my two kids – My oldest is the BIG Twilight saga fan and she got me into it. Anyway, had a great time and Daniel was super! After the Q&A they had Daniel stand in a roped off area (with a Borders’ back drop) by th checkout but he was not allowed to pose with anyone. You could ask him questions but but don’t get too close to the ropes. It was kind of funny becasue fans started to stand by the rope as if posing with Daniel and Daniel would clown for the camera in the background. I wish I had video taped.

23 03 2010

haha sounds funny! 🙂

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