Daniel as Superman? Why not?! :)

28 02 2010

i got a lovely email today pointing out, why Daniel would be the perfect choice for the new superman-movie…! And i think we all agree on that one…!

Check out why Dan is the perfect Superman! 🙂


Daniel Cudmore for Superman. Daniel is a very good looking, rugged, and masculine looking actor.

Cudmore also looks exactly how I think Superman should look.

Cudmore is also 6’7″, although some sources say only 6’6″, but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. He certainly looks every bit of his 255 pounds of muscle if he is indeed as tall as claimed.


All he would need is Blue contacts and Black hair dye. When it comes to looks he nails it for Superman Perfectly. Just look at that hair type! Very VERY easy to see that looking like Superman’s hair. Nose, Chin, Jaw, Eyebrows, got Superman written all over him.

Daniel Cudmore sounds like Tim Daily when he talks. Yes, that means his voice is PERFECT for the role too.

Check out the full article here: Meatheads320cents

Thanks again to Meathead for sending the email and posting to the forum 🙂

and check out the Superhero forums:

He has been getting talked about at both superherohype on this thread, from page 125 onward: http://forums.superherohype.com/showthread.php?t=327864&page=144>Here

ANd over at Blue tights.net as well I have talked about it:
here –>

image source: http://meathead320.blogspot.com/




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