Daniel Interview in “Space View”- Magazine!

17 12 2009

Here is an interview of Daniel with the german magazine “Space View”. The interview is from october, when he attended “Ringcon” in Germany.
The interview is in german, but i tried to translate it. Sorry if there are some mistakes in the translation. I tried my best though…;)
check out the Scans here:

Here is the translation:

You play Felix in the „Twilight Saga“…what can you tell us about him?

-Felix is not really described by Stephenie Meyer in the books, so I had to think about his story for a bit…! Basically he is really good in what he does. He is angry, because he has no special powers like the rest of his family. He deals with it by being the best in his job as a volturi-guard. He works with demetri and the other guards. He is really old and Aro is like a father figure to him…so Felix is really loyal. He is satisfied, when a job is done.


Do you think he wants a special power?

-Yes, I think that is why he is so dangerous. He is the only vampire without a special ability like tracking or mind reading, this can be really nerve wrecking. So I gave the character a bit of anger and desperation.


What is Felix connection to Bella and Edward?

-Felix just watches them and then tells Aro what he thinks. He doesn’t like the idea of a vampire and a human being together. On the other hand he is jealous, because aro sees a bit of himself in Edward, as he has almost the same ability as him. Felix does not like Edward at all, so this is why there is such a dynamic between them.


You already were in “Stargate” and “X-Men”…Is there a big difference between twilight and the other projects?

-Yes that’s right. Twilight is totally different. Different Crew, different Cast and of course a different character…of course. But at the end of the day, you’ll do just the same in front of the camera. What’s really different are the fans! They have a strong opinion about what they like, what you should do and what the others should do. That is pretty cool!


Do you get a lot of compliments now?

-I do actually. New Moon is not even in theatres and Fans tell me that they have seen pictures of me and of course the trailer. We’ll see what happens when the movie is finally out!


Do you get recognized a lot?

-Sometimes, not very often. The good thing is that I look totally different in the movie…the white make-up, the red contacts and different clothes.

At events like convention people recognize you at once, because they know we are here.

That’s probably going to change, once the movie is out.


How do you feel when you are in your Felix Make-up?

-Its cool. And it doesn’t take that long…maybe about an hour…that depends on how long you have been out in the sun, you know? (Laughs) But really, its fun. It’s cool to be sitting in a chair and watch how you change into a completely different person. Then you put in the contacts and BAM!


In the first movie “twilight” you see Bella and Edward flying through trees. Did you have to do anything like that?

-No, no flying for me. I just had to walk around with Edward, but it was still fun.


What did you like most when shooting New Moon?

-The trip to Italy. Seeing this beautiful country and to work there. And now we can travel around the world and visit Cons like Ringcon. We see a lot of countries and I like that.


What kind of guy is Daniel Cudmore?

-Me? Oh I don’t know. I try not to take life too serious. At the hand I do take it serious. I like to travel and I am quite of an easy going person. I don’t stress myself and I like to have fun. I am really relaxed.


Do you have any plans for your career?

-The biggest plan as an actor is to have work and being involved in interesting projects with interesting people. If I can, I am happy. But I don’t want to be a Superstar.

Interview and Pictures by Susanne Döpke




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